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John o' Gaunt Golf Club Information

John o Gaunt Golf Club is situated in central Bedfordshire just 5 minutes from the RSPB HQ at Sandy and near to the towns of Biggleswade and Potton.

It is set in over 300 acres with 2 18 hole courses:

John o’ Gaunt Course is a beautiful parkland-type course with lots of trees including a 600-year-old Oak, a brook, and a pond on the par 3 4th hole. It is home to a huge array of wildlife inc Otter, Badger, Kingfisher, Banded Demoiselle, and Daubenton’s Bat. It has beautiful wildflower areas which are a mass of colour in the summer months.

Carthagena course sits on part of the sandstone ridge and offers the golfer something a bit different. It sits on part of the sandstone ridge and generally drains much better. It has more of a heathland feel to it, with lots of gorse and a more open feel with younger trees. It has a large Oak woodland along the edge of the course along the 16th hole and a lot of Elm along the Northern boundary by a public bridlepath which is home to the rare White Spotted Pinion Moth, this area from the road to the far side of course along the Bridlepath is an official county wildlife site, not only home to a rare moth but also the scarce butterflies, White Letter Hairstreak and Purple Hairstreak. The beautiful Marbled White is usually a common site on Carthagena amongst the thinner wispier rough areas.

Wildlife recorded at John o’Gaunt Golf Club:

104 species of birds

19 Species of Dragonflies

25 Species of Butterflies

22 Species of Mammal

8 Species of Bats

460 Species of Moths

Numerous other Insects, Reptiles, and Spiders inc Roesel’s Bush Cricket, Wasp Spider, and Grass Snake

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