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With 30 years of experience in greenkeeping and extensive experience of conservation on golf courses, I am offering consultancy and wildlife survey work to other golf courses all over the UK and anyone else that would be interested in finding out what wildlife they have around. 


This would include Bird and Butterfly surveys and also Moth Trapping sessions and looking for other insects. I also have Trailcams that can be used to find hidden wildlife at night if you would like to find out what is about. I am also offering Badger Advice to Golf Courses in particular where courses are suffering from damage but also to anyone who might have a problem in their garden or local park.

If you do not know what species, you have or you just want to know how to improve existing habitat whether it be your local Golf Course, Park or even your own Garden just give me a call/text/email. I now have Public Liability Insurance for peace of mind. Click on the title above to see the certificate 

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