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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The week starting Monday 15th March started as normal without too much excitement, little did I know what was soon to follow and turn out to be a hell of a week. After work I was checking the bird boxes on the Carthagena course, whilst walking back to my vehicle I heard someone shouting, I looked over and saw 2 members walking down the 18th fairway shouting Osprey, I couldn't believe it, I started back peddling quickly head held high looking up with the hope of seeing this amazing bird, I can't see it, I can't see it, further back the guy svhouted and as I looked he handed me his binoculars to catch a brief view of an Osprey flying roughly NE down the 9th fairway on John o Gaunt course. A fantatsic sighting of a migrating Osprey on its way north to Scotland or even Rutland Water. This is only about the 5th record for the club. 2 days later after this sighting, the first Osprey appeared back ar Rutland Water, co-incidence?

It was several more days until there was more feathery excitement, on the morning of thurs 18th March. While raking bunkers on the 9th John o Gaunt, I heard a noise, looked up and saw a Raven and 2 Buzzards, while the Male Buzzard started to fly away the Raven decided to attack (mob) the female before she flew off, the Raven then flew after the Male and attacked him, Is there a Raven nest nearby I wonder?

10 mins later and work finished we went back to the yard. Looking up towards the practice area I saw some large birds heading our way, It was a pair of Red Kites and a Raven having a fight flying over our tractor sheds and practice area. WOW, what a sight, would have made a great photo! (if only I had my camera with me).

What did the next day have in store I wonder?

The next day I was on the Carthagena course tidying up branches, I heard a sound looked up and saw 2 Ravens as they flew over to John o Gaunt, brilliant I thought as I carried on but I could still hear the sound of a Raven so went to investigate and found another 2 Ravens as they flew out from a tree over the 7th and 5th fairways but again I could still hear Ravens in the same tree, several minutes later I was stood there watching 4 Ravens flying round together, I was in Utter disbelief. I had seen 6 Ravens! The most I had seen anywhere ever! What a week!

After all the excitement of the week I didn't think things could get any better but they did, on Sunday 21st a member reported to me that she had seen a Great White Egret flying over the course. I received an email later that day with a photo she had taken and it was indeed a Great White Egret, a new bird for the course.

What an amazing week of Amazing birds.

A Great White Egret
Another new species for John o' Gaunt.

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