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Moths at the Spa

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Woodhall Spa Golf Club Moth trapping night Sat 10th June 2023

Location: Halfway Hut/9th tee on Hotchkin Course.

TF 2164 - Breezy and clear to start, clouded over later

Traps used: 50w MV and a 20w Actinic.

21.30 - 00.45 17.5 degrees Celsius dropped to 14 when we finished.

This was the first time I had trapped at Woodhall Spa Golf Club, a suitable location had been found earlier in the week and all I had to hope for was favorable conditions and some Moths. Below is the list of Moths recorded on the night and some photos:

List of Moths recorded covering the 2 traps:

Common Swift

Single Dotted Wave

Riband Wave

Blood Vein

Cream Wave

Green Oak Tortrix

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Green Carpet

Buff Footman

Broad Barred White

Bee Moth

Diamond Back

Cochylis Dubitana

Smokey Wainscot

Pale Tussock


Peppered Moth

Small Elephant

True Lovers Knot



Treble Lines

Scoparia pyralella

Marbled Minor agg

Clouded Buff

Pebble Hook Tip

Great Prominent

Rhyaconia pinivorana

Orthotaenia undulana


Light Brocade

White Ermine

Shoulder Striped Wainscot

Orange Footman

Blastobasis species

Photos above from top left: Snout, Scoparia pyralella, True Lovers Knot, Single Dotted Wave, Riband Wave, Pebble Hook Tip, Orange Footman, Peppered Moth, Light Brocade, Small Elephant Hawk Moth, Shoulder Striped Wainscot, Green Oak Tortrix, Great Prominent, Cream Wave, Clouded Buff, Blood Vein, Grass Wave.

In total, I recorded 33 species, not too bad considering recent conditions. Things are looking up now and the mothing season has finally started!

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